My Super Easy Bacon Bowl

Who doesn’t love bacon? It’s smoky flavor and smell that fills the room when cooked. I know I do, bacon with anything makes it taste better. When I was looking around the internet I seen the product Perfect Bacon Bowl. Obviously an American product, what do they like more than a rasher of bacon. However it got me thinking, why don’t I give it a try. Instead of using the strange gadget being sold I just used an upturned ramekin dish, or you could use a deep cupcake tray as well I suppose.

I have to say the finished product was so good, so unhealthy too though but that didn’t matter to me. I thought about what I could put inside it but to be honest the possibilities are endless. In the end I went with scrambled eggs and cheese, such a wonderful combination, I would definitely recommend it.




What you will need:


  • A packet of your favorite bacon
  • A small/medium sized ramekin or deep cupcake tray
  • A large plate (to catch the grease)



1. Put 2 slices in an cross shape over the top
2. Wrap 2 more slices round the side, weaving on top and under the bacon
3. Microwave for around 6 minutes (700W microwave)
4. Tip the bacon bowl onto a smaller serving plate

Step 5: Choose whatever filling you want for the bowl. For mine I used a layer of cheese then scrambled egg. Others could include: salad, burgers or even mac and cheese.


Finally, thanks for reading my first Recipe Review on Bacon Bowls. I hope anyone that reads this gives it a try and enjoys it. Please leave a comment or any suggestions.


“Enjoy what you read and stay curious.”


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