A Brief Intro


Well this is exciting, my first blog post! Who would have thought, not me. As my first post I just want to outline what my blog is all about, not that anyone is reading though (or so I imagine). Just in case someone does stumble upon my blog then check out my About page it will do a better job of what I’m about to do.

Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog Gadgets & Gastronomy. This is my blog to express my thoughts and ideas on food I make and gadgets I try out. It could be as simple as a chocolate filled cookie, a personal favorite of mine, something I might discuss later (or whenever I have time).

I will also try and talk about the different pieces of tech I try out, trying to give my own opinion as far as possible. Let’s face it, I just love everything I try so many of my opinions will be positive. Though for the sake of it I will try and be cynical.


So thanks again for coming to my blog. 

Enjoy what you read and stay curious.


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